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Join Our Database

We are always looking out for new panelists to put on our database to test new and existing food & drink products. We run regular sessions in Wirral and Watford. Sessions are normally run over lunchtime and last between 25 – 60 minutes. In this time, you will give your opinion on new and exciting products which help manufacturers improve them.

We value your time when you participate in such sessions, and thus always offer you a payment as a thank you. If you would like to join our panel please fill in the form below, we will contact you via email or text when a new test is due to take place. We will then need to speak to you in order to confirm you fulfill the right demographic requirements, i.e. buy and consume the product etc. If you know of any friends or family that may also be interested in joining us, please direct them to this page.

Wirral Sensory Services - Making sense of research